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May 18, 2019                        


Missouri Women’s Political Caucus (MoWPC)

MoWPC Opposes Extreme Anti Abortion Bill, HB126 

St. Louis, MO — Missouri lawmakers have passed a strict antiabortion bill criminalizing the procedure at eight weeks of pregnancy, following several other conservative states that have approved similar measures. Drafted and supported by pro-birth extremist, the bill is expected to be signed by Governor Parsons at any time. 

The embryonic cardiac vibration law, most notably bans abortions after 8 weeks (or after cardiac vibration activity can be detected; as early as six weeks) similar to the bans in Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio and Georgia. Missouri also holds in common some of the highest maternal mortality rates in the country— which will infamously increase with the effects of this legislation. Missouri HB 126:

Included within the bill is a requirement of dual parental notification in cases of minors seeking legal abortions; a flat-fledged BAN on abortions with little medical exceptions on ALL abortions in the event that Roe v. Wade is overturned; and a less-restrictive fail safe of 14-20 week abortion bans in the event that the cardiac vibration test be struck down in court.

“HB 126 is a bill that denies abortion even in cases of rape, incest, abuse and human trafficking. This extreme bill, HB126, stands with 8 week old embryos and against the women of this country. It is a government edict which intrudes in the most personal and life changing circumstances of the citizens of this country. It is meant to overturn the constitutional right to control one's body and life circumstances by reversing the Roe v. Wade decision. Women and men of this nation need to fear this massive government overreach into their personal lives. If HB 126 stands, the women of this country will be demoted from full citizenship to partial citizenship status. We of the MoWPC reject this extreme and outrageous legislation and urge the Governor of Missouri to veto HB126. This total disregard for the most personal of rights and healthcare is another example of the need for more women in elected office at all levels."  — Margo McNeil, President, Missouri Women’s Political Caucus.

The NWPC is an organization dedicated to recruiting, training and electing pro-choice women. Our resolve could not be stronger than it is at this moment. The gauntlet has been thrown and we of the MoWPC rise to make sure that these dismissive actions will not endure.”

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April 3, 2019                        

 National Women’s Political Caucus

24th Biennial Convention Convenes in 

St. Louis, MO July 19-21

Margo McNeil and Paula Owen Willmarth named Convention Co-Chairs

 St. Louis, MO — The Missouri Women’s Political Caucus (MoWPC) will host the 24thNational Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC) Biennial Convention this July 19-21 in St. Louis, Missouri at The Westin St. Louis. Women from across the country will attend the convention’s events including trainings, luncheons, receptions, and election of a new board of national officers. 

The three-day event’s candidate and campaign management training coincides with the NWPC’s mission to recruit, train, and elect women candidates to elected and appointed to offices at all levels of government.

 We are excited to bring our 24thBiennial Convention to St. Louis,” said NWPC President Donna Lent. “Our conventions are a time when our members come together to learn new information about campaign management, the political process, and hear from national leaders on relevant issues facing women. I’m proud to appoint two Missourians to lead the Convention.”

 Missouri State President Margo McNeil and National Vice President of Political Planning Paula Owen Willmarth serve as co-chairs of the convention. 

  “We are excited to be hosting this biennial convention in our beautiful city of St. Louis. We have important work to do looking toward 2020 and we’ll be kicking off our efforts during this important gathering of exceptional women from all across the map,” said Willmarth. 

 “Our goal is for conventioneers to leave the convention energized and prepared for the 2020 elections,” said McNeil.

 NWPC will announce speakers and other events associated with the convention in June 2019. For more information about MoWPC visit:; or NWPC: To registerfor the convention, or sponsorship information, visit:

 About the National Women’s Political CaucusThe NWPC, founded in 1971, is a national, multi-partisan, grassroots membership organization dedicated to identifying, recruiting, training and supporting women candidates for elected and appointed office.



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November 10, 2018

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The National Women’s Political Caucus Strongly Supports Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of 116th House of Representatives.

“This is no time for the inexperienced”, said Donna Lent, National President. Nancy Pelosi made history in 2007 as the first woman appointed as Speaker of the House and spearheaded very important legislation. Beginning with the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act,

“This is not the time for generational change to House leadership. There is too much at stake, continued Lent.” Pelosi’s efforts led Democrats to victory resulting in the flurry of younger Democrats with 35 new seats and counting with record numbers of women elected.

Nancy Pelosi seeks re-election as Speaker and we strongly support her in that effort. She is intelligent, competent and her tenacity makes her the only qualified person to lead as Speaker in these critical times. She is a fighter for the American people, known for not backing down whether it is in defense of The Affordable Care Act, Dodd Frank or DACA.

The National Women’s Political Caucus, without hesitation, strongly supports Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The NWPC, founded in 1971, is a national, multi-partisan, grassroots membership organization dedicated to identifying, recruiting, training and supporting women candidates for elected and appointed office. The NWPC elected to endorse both women candidates in the general election.



MoWPC Press Release

MoWPC Press Release




Shicagolyn Hams





October 11, 2018



Statement by Margo McNeil , President  

Women of this nation will never receive the justice and equality deserved without a proportional number of women in positions of power and authority. The Kavanaugh hearings showcased yet another example of the patronizing minimalization of women’s suffering and inequality so pervasive in this country. 

Our disappointment in the Kavanaugh decision leaves us grasping for words.  Where words fail, actions must not.  

The Missouri Women’s Political Caucus and the four local Caucus’s in this state will move forward with renewed vigor, working to elect pro-choice women this November 6th. Currently there are three pro-choice women running for Congress: one running for US Senate, Claire McCaskill; one running for state auditor;  six running for state senate;  thirty nine running for state representative; and various others running for local offices. The MOWPC invites all who are interested in a better Missouri, to join our efforts in electing these hardworking ‘gutsy’ women. Click on the following links to get a list of those running in your area:  Kansas City area – GKCWPC; St. Louis area – NWPC St. Louis; and to learn more about the Missouri National Women’s Political Caucus (MoWPC) click "here".

We have work to do and women to elect. Turn your anger and disappointment into opportunity. A women’s collective anger will be the catalyst for real social change. We go forward together!



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September 27, 2018



Statement by Margo McNeil , President, MoWPC 


We, of the Missouri Women’s Political Caucus (MoWPC) BELIEVE WOMEN.   We believe Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. We believe Deborah Ramirez. We believe Julie Swetnick. We believe these gutsy survivors coming forth bravely to speak to the character of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who seeks to sit in judgment of the laws of this nation, who seeks to become the next Supreme Court Justice of these United States.

The person selected for this position should be of impeccable character and good will. The troubling yet credible allegations against Judge Kavanaugh create doubt and distrust.  The American people deserve a Justice they trust to respect the rights and dignity of all.  Judge Kavanaugh is not that person and should be asked to withdraw.

MoWPC believes and encourages women to be full partners with men and be fully participating members of this society. 

We, the members of the MoWPC – stand with these gutsy women, applaud them for coming forth now and the brave #metoo survivors who decidedthat enough is enough. We pledge to do our part to dismantle the culture of sexual exploitation & rape that has been allowed to exist for so very long. MoWPC’s energy, resources and efforts will continue to stay focused on putting forth the “Pink Wave” to elect more progressive pro-choice women on November 6th. 

Join our efforts!


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NWPC Press Release



SEPTEMBER 20, 2018


The National Women’s Political Caucus stands with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. We believe her, and we support her. The National Women’s Political Caucus also strongly believes that the President should call for an FBI investigation on Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, as it is warranted and necessary for the safety and integrity of our nation. 

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee should recommend that the President call for a full investigation of the sexual assault claims, as well as support Dr. Ford by reputing attacks made to her and her family and provide security during this time.
This is beyond politics. This is beyond partisanship. This is about the appointment of an alleged sexual predator to a lifetime position on the highest court in the United States. The failure of the President and the U.S. Senate to support a full FBI investigation on Judge Kavanaugh demonstrates their lack of respect for all women and their extreme indifference to the crime of sexual assault.

The National Women’s Political Caucus stands with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. We stand with all survivors of sexual assault.