Margo McNeil, President MOWPC 2018

Margo McNeil, President MOWPC 2018

From Politics to PolicyHow do we get policymakers to put forth responsive measures/policies that reflect a critical and comprehensive understanding of the climate and issues associated with sexual assault? It starts with who we elect to implement those policies & protective measures.

September 27, 2018

Those sexually assaulted are scarred for life. They do not forget! They do not mis-remember! The fear, revulsion and horror crystalizes these terrifying moments forever.

We, of the Missouri Women’s Political Caucus BELIEVE WOMEN.  We believe those bravely coming forward to speak to the character of this man who seeks to sit in judgement of the laws of this nation. The women speaking out against Brett Kavanaugh suffered greatly for many years –  and the punishment continues on with death threats, harassment and the exposure of this personal painful attack publicly.

I salute these brave women coming forward now and the brave #metoo survivors who decided that enough was enough. Staying silent has not worked. Staying silent only allows the culture of rape to grow and thrive. These women are heroes who seek to make life better for us, for their sisters, for children and for children to come.

We, the members of the MoWPC – stand with these gutsy women, applaud these brave women, and pledge to do our part to dismantle the culture of rape that has been allowed to exist for so very long.  NO MORE! Our energy and efforts will stay focused on electing more progressive pro-choice women on November 6th.     Women WILL BE FULL Partners with men! Women WILL BE FULL participating members of this society!  WOMEN WILL WIN – November 6th!   Join our efforts!