Supporting Progressive Women Candidates
The Missouri State Women's Political Caucus links the members of our
local organizations to support progressive women candidates statewide
and advocate for issues important to women and families.
Want woman equally
represented in

Join the campaign of a
progressive woman
New National Women's Political Caucus Foundation
Created to Help Fund the Next 40 Years
The National Women’s Political Caucus is celebrating its NEXT 40
years and beyond by launching the NWPC Foundation to secure the
future of the organization.

As a supporter of women’s rights, we hope you’ll consider becoming a
Founder with a donation of $2,000 (or more), which can be paid in full, or
paid $500 a year for four years. (We send reminders.)  Founders receive
recognition on the growing Founders list. Use your own name and/or
donate to honor someone.

Or help launch this exciting project with a supporting gift of $25, $50 or
$100.  Donations of any amount are cheerfully received.

Find out more and donate online at
Missouri State Women's Political Caucus
An Affiliate of the National Women's Political Caucus
Special thanks to Senator Claire McCaskill for headlining our first NWPC
Foundation event in Missouri.  Hon. Crystal Williams, Sen. Claire McCaskill,
NWPC Fdn. President Rosemary Smithson, Hon. Theresa Garza, Rebecca
Richardson, NWPC Fdn. Treasurer.
Missourian Elected to NWPC Board
At the national NWPC convention in Austin, Paula Willmarth was elected
as  Vice President, Comunications (Jefferson City, MO).  Congratulations!
St. Louis Caucus Starts Raising Money for 2014
Endorsed Candidates
MO State WPC President Barb Womack attended the  great fundraiser
for candidates sponsored by the NWPC of Metro St. Louis.
Thanks to our broad coalition of women's organizations
working for Equal Rights for Women!

Supporting Organizations:
AAUW of Missouri, Coalition of Labor Union Women, Greater Kansas City
Coalition of Labor Women, League of Women Voters, Missouri National
Organization for Women (NOW), Missouri State Women’s Political
Caucus, Missouri Women’s Network,
Missouri Women United, Vision 2020 Missouri
1,000 STRONG
$10 x 1,000 = $10,000

Stand with 1,000 Missourians for equal rights.
Help put Virginia Minor's bust in the
Hall of Famous Missourians*

Virginia Minor led the fight for women's suffrage in Missouri.
In 1872, she led hundreds of women in an effort to get women the right to
vote under the 14th Amendment. With her husband as her lawyer she
sued. But the Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett decided that women
were not covered by the 14th Amendment's guarantee of equal
citizenship for all Americans. Not until 1971, nearly 100 years later, did
the Court finally apply the 14th Amendment to women. After losing the
case, she studied law and continued her work for women's suffrage until
her death in 1894.

Be 1 of 1,000
Send your $10 to the
Missouri Women's Network Education Fund

*Busts are on permanent display in the Missouri capitol.
They are privately funded.
More information: or

Contributions are tax deductible.  Make checks payable to
Missouri Women's Network Education Fund and mail to
Joyce Schuetz, 528 Oak Ridge Trails Ct., Ballwin, MO 63021

Join the
ERA Missouri Campaign!
Click Here
for ERA Resources
Rally for Choice at the north side
of the capitol.
Rep. Judy Morgan, House  ERA
Bill Sponsor
ERA rally under the dome.
All rights reserved Missouri State Women's Political Caucus
Women joined forces for the March for Women's Rights and Rally for
Choice at the north side of the
Barb Womach, Hon. Sandra Reeves, and Rebecca Richardson
representing the GKCWPC at the
March for Women's Rights.
Senator Jolie Justus,Sena te ERA bill sponsor , speaks at the Rally Under
the Dome.
Women activists march to the Capitol for rally for women's rights.
2014 Equal Rights Action Day
Help put Virginia Minor's bust in the Hall of
Famous Missourians